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Simthread LLC

Simthread 120 Colors Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Individual spool / Top-up colors/ choose your running out colors

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 Need more individual colors when running out of it from the set? Please buy it from this listing.

1000m/1100yards each spool.

Choose the color number you are needing. 

All spools are sent from the factory directly. 

Same quality with the thread set. 


Since there is a limitation of a maximum of 100 for the multiattribute, so it shows only S001 to S100, for the colors from S101 to S120 please left a message about the color number and quantity. Thanks.


S001 Jet Black
S002 Powder Blue Tint
S003 Ecru Very Light
S004 Sheer Ivory
S005 Pink Sand
S006 Pale Tan
S007 Stone Grey
S008 Pale Grey
S009 Roebuck
S010 Woodsmoke
S011 Midnight
S012 Purple
S013 Rust          
S014 Cranberry
S015 Cherrywood
S016 Dark Purple/Navy
S017 Midnight Blue
S018 Celery
S019 Linen
S020 Medium Yellow
S021 Cream Yellow
S022 Liberty Gold
S023 Cornsilk
S024 Gold/Orange
S025 Soleil
S026 Orange Spice medium
S027 Inca Gold
S028 Red
S029 Paprika
S030 Scarlet
S031 Autumn Green
S032 Tan Brown
S033  Hazel
S034 Lt. Green
S035 Fluorescent Green
S036 Emerald
S037 Springtime green
S038 Green Forest
S039 Meadow
S040 Dark Green
S041 Evergreen
S042 Olive Green
S043 Sharp Green
S044 Sienna
S045 Khaki
S046 Blue Spruce
S047 Slightly Green
S048 Green
S049 Green
S050 Meadow
S051 Dark Green
S052 Powder Blue
S053 Medium Ocean Blue
S054 Turquoise
S055 Green/Blue
S056 Emerald Green
S057 Dark Green        
S058 Crystal Blue            
S059  Lake Blue            
S060 Medium Blue            
S061 Dark Royal Blue          
S062 Dk. Royal Blue          
S063 Sky Blue           
S064 California Blue          
S065 Dolphin Blue          
S066 Dark Blue          
S067 Brilliant Blue         
S068 Ultra Marine         
S069 Dark Blue          
S070 Dark Purple        
S071 Light Pink
S072 Medium Pink
S073 Poker Primrose
S074 Amethyst
S075 Light Denim
S076 Tropicana
S077 Purple
S078 Jacaranda
S079 Maroon
S080 Dark Red
S081 Violet Very Dark
S082 Royal Purple
S083 Dark Fuschia
S084 Midnight Navy
S085 Light Brass
S086 Orchid Pink
S087 Pink Petunia
S088 Lavender
S089 Garden Rose
S090 Begonia
S091 Violet Blue
S092 Jacaranda
S093 Violet Blue
S094 Corsican Blue
S095 Cindy Purple
S096 Sky Blue
S097 Sapphire
S098 Marine Blue
S099 Bright Blue
S100 Purple
S101 Pale Lilac
S102 Light Blue
S103 Geisha
S104 Oriental Blue
S105 Silver Blue
S106 Ash
S107 Night Sky
S108 Variegated blue+white
S109 Variegated purple+white
S110 Variegated green
S111 Variegated red
S112 Variegated red +white
S113 Variegated yellow
S114 Variegated green
S115 Variegated rose
S116 Variegated 
S117 Variegated
S118 Variegated
S119 Variegated
S120 Variegated