Simthread collect some of the problems of sewing and embroidery, causes and corrections for your reference.  Problem  Cause  Correction Upper thread breaks 1. The machine is not threaded correctly. 2. The thread tension is too tight. 3. The thread is too thick for the needle. 4. The needle is not inserted correctly. 5. The thread is wound around the spool holder pin. 6. The needle...
  • Various ways to play with Simthread

    Various ways to play with Simthread
    Thanks to our lovely customers who always create with Simthread, using our threads to DIY all kinds of things. Such as bags, clothes, accessories, masks and so on.Many thanks to them for their continued support of Simthread. We've collected some of these very beautiful ones and sorted them out. To share with you now, the creators of the selected works are welcome to contact us, some free...
  • How to Choose a Sewing machine?

    How to Choose a Sewing machine?
    Nowadays there are many types of sewing machines can choose from on the market, from expensive computerized machines that can embroider large, delicate and beautiful patterns to basic home embroidery machines. So how can a beginner on a tight budget choose his first machine? Steps Figure out why you want a sewing machine in the first place. Do you want to make crafts or clothes? Do...
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