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Simthread 120 Colors collection Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Individual spool / Top-up colors/ choose your running out colors

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5 Star Thread, however website and delivery issues make it 4-3 stars!

I love Simthread, but there were two different representations of the 120 colors which made it confusing as to what colors I would receive. The website promises DHL delivery over a certain amount. Mine was shipped by UPS and they run a scam where they charge $11.00 in brokerage fees to supposedly collect $3.00 in taxes!

UPDATED discount: Automatic 25% off for 12 spools or above, can be a mix of different colors. No code needed. 


Free shipping for orders over USD 40. 


Need more individual colors when running out of it from the set? Please buy it from this listing.

1000m/1100yards each spool.

Choose the color number you are needing. 

All spools sent from the factory directly. 

Same quality with the thread set. 


Since there are maximum 100 options available,  for S001 to S099 please choose the colors directly, for the S100 to S120 please choose the last option "S100- S120/ remark needed" and leave a note about the color number and quantity your need in the remark column. Thanks. 


Please check the color card and conversion chart here

 Simthread 120 color collection