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Simthread LLC

Simthread 50 pieces Embroidery Thread Net 12cm long Spool Socks Prevents Unwinding Perfect for Small / Large Cones

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Feature: High Tenacity
Brand Name: Simthread
Pattern: Raw White
Model Number: 12CMX50
Material: 100% Nylon


  1. Nets for Rug Hooking Strips
  2. Includes: 50 Thread Nets, each net 12CM  Long
  3. Can be cut, accommodate shorter spools No unraveling.
  4. Expands to accommodate even the largest thread spools
  5. Keep rolled up items from unrolling
  6. Embroidery Thread Nets, Keeps threads in check


You can choose the 18cm nets when your spools is large.  


​Thread nets are used for two main purposes -

to avoid thread looping while you are embroidering,

AND to stop thread from unwinding when it's not being used.

In both cases, thread nets solve the problem easily and effectively. If you are using metallic thread, thread nets are a must. You probably won't be able to embroider normally without them. Can be cut. No unraveling.

50 PIECES Thread Nets, each net is approx. 12cm long.





  • Fit all sizes of thread spools/cones from 150yards to 7000yards. Keep all your threads organized and neat.
  • Multiple Uses: Suitable for all home embroidery, sewing, serger, quilting machines thread spools or cones. No more sorting through an entangled mess of threads as the spool has unravelled itself and the threads have gotten mixed up. Also good for Rug Hooking Strips.
  • Perfect Experience: ThreadNanny thread net regains its shape after being streched, they can be used repeatedly. Competitor thread nets do not regain their original shape.
  •  Durable : 100% Nylon. These are best quality, very soft and strechable yet sturdy and durable. Can be cut to desired length for any usage. Will not rot or smell.
  • Simple to Use: Thread Nets are a much cheaper alternative to the more expensive spool huggers or spool savers. Just cut the thread net to the desired size based on the spool size and put it on the spool like a Spool Sock.



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Customer Reviews

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I've tidied up my threads and put those spool socks on it looks great. Thank you


Simthread 50 pieces Embroidery Thread Net 12cm long Spool Socks Prevents Unwinding Perfect for Small / Large Cones

Everytime again

Thanks a lot