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Simthread LLC

Simthread White and Black All Purposes Cotton Sewing/ Quilting Thread 50s/3 (30wt) for Piecing quilting patchworks etc - 550 Yards Each

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  1. 100% long staple Mercerized Cotton sewing for stronger, more lustrous finish. mercerized processing which produces a smoother thread with less lint
  2. Usage: Machine and Hand Quilting, piecing, free motion quilting, bobbin fill, embellishment stitch work and accent seams, applique, craft and heirloom sewing. 
  3. Recommended Needle Sizes 90/14
  4. 12 Neutral color, 550 yards each spool. Sets includes 12 common colors for daily usage. Thread size 50s/3 (Tex 35, 30WT). We produce them according the thread length and weight.
  5. Cotton thread generally has a matte finish and comes in a wide variety of colors although the colors that sell the most are usually neutrals since that is what most quilters piece with.

  6. We supply these raw material to Germany, 100% Quality Guarantee

  7. We use a box which can be used as gift to pack them

  8. Environment Friendly for common sewing/embroidery for baby clothes etc